Those of us who leave large items outside our homes or put the rubbish bags out repeatedly for more than 16 hours before collection obviously do not realise that this is now classed as littering which is an offence and leaves them open to investigation and a fine. Harlow Council has people who do watch, do take action and do fine those residents responsible.
  • We all have a bin store to put our rubbish bags in until the evening before or the morning of collection, Thursday.
  • We can ring Harlow Council on 01279 446655 who will arrange to pick up large items, Its free, its easy, so book it, take responsibility, there is no excuse!
  • Harold & Recorder, report ‘dumped’ newspapers 0208 557 5756
Lets stop this unsightly, unnecessary, offensive and unacceptable behavior now!
Anyone witnessing this sort of behavior is urged and encouraged to report the household to Harlow Council on 01279 446655 in addition to the Housing Officer at the Neighbourhood Office, 65 Berecroft,  01279 714714.

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