Removal of Hedges

On a recent estate inspection, Frank and myself met with the manager for Pinnacle and identified several areas that had become very overgrown with brambles. These areas were attracting litter which was too deep in the brambles for the grounds maintenance team to reach. The areas look unsightly.

Clarion have arranged for Pinnacle to quote to remove and clear the brambles and make these areas grass. This will improve the appearance of the estate and going forward these areas will be easier to maintain and less of a litter magnet. I have attached a map of the areas concerned.

There is no cost to residents in their service charges for this project as Clarion is covering the costs. The project is due to commence in July.

If the Residents Association have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
The next estate inspection at Berecroft is scheduled for Monday 13th June 2022. You are welcome to attend this.

Kind regards

Elizabeth Loveridge – Neighbourhood Response Officer

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