News Flyer Clarion Sept 2019

News Flyer dated 26th September to all residents

Re: To all residents of Berecroft

Dog barking We have received a number of complaints regarding dogs barking continuously and of dog faeces being thrown into other resident’s gardens.

Whilst I appreciate it is in a dogs nature to bark, can we please ask that you
keep an eye on your dog/s when in your gardens to ensure that the noise is not
excessive and causing a nuisance to neighbours.

Often once one dog starts barking, another will start which can cause frustrations
to neighbours and as I am sure you are aware, noise tends to travel down each row
of these properties close proximity and the fabric of the buildings.
Additionally, there should be no reason why dog faeces is thrown into other residents garden is extremely unpleasant. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services if you are aware of any persons responsible for these actions and I will contact them direct.

Lastly, I would like to update you on the changes within Clarion Housing that are imminent.  There has been a slight delay and I will now be on the estate until 31’t October 2019. However, in preparation for these changes the office at 65 Berecroft will no longer be open to the public each Thursday from 24th October 2019 The bungalow will still be used by  Clarion Housing staff and the Berecroft Residents Association but any issues that occur must be reported directly to our customer services and all Clarion Housing staff will notify any members of the public.

Yours sincerely, Emily Cheung

Reed House, Peachman, Way, Broadtand, Business, Park, Norwich, NR7 OWF
Tetephone: 0300 500 8000

Clarion Letter Dog Barking Sept 2019

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