NAP Meeting 27th March 2013

Wednesday 27th March 2013


Nigel Day, Essex Police PCSO ND
M B Berecroft RA MB
A B Berecroft RA AB
A L Chinese Community AL
Z C Vice Chair ZC
J F Berecroft RA JF
Kevin Mayle, Essex Police PC KM

J S, Karen Rogers


Updates from last meeting and review:

1) Nuisance youths in Staple Tye Shopping Centre and Staple Tye Mews.

a. KM reported on the multi agency approach that has concluded in an ABC issued against one youth. KM is meeting with Staple Tye traders for an update meeting. An Essex Police Mobile Police Station will be used in the areas.

Any new issues from around Staple Tye:

MB & AB reported all quiet and that 296 being converted from HMO to bed sits
AL reported no further issues with nuisance youths entering the CCC property
JF all quiet
ZC reported nuisance vehicle near 155 Berecroft. Advised to report to housing manager as on South Anglia land.
KM reported crime statistics for Staple Tye Ward at 35 for February which is an improvement. 20 nuisance and ASB incidents. No house burglaries.


1. Nuisance youths in Staple Tye Shopping Centre and Staple Tye Mews.

DATES & LOCATIONS FOR 2013 all from 19:00 –

Wednesday 24th April 2013 at 65 Berecroft

Wednesday 29th May 2013 at 65 Berecroft

Wednesday 26th June 2013 at 65 Berecroft

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