NAP Meeting 17th Dec 2013


No updates from Essex Police on priorities due to none being set.

KR explained that in the New Year PC Mayle will explain to the NAP members a new format to the NAP meetings.

Any new issues from around Staple Tye:

  • RJ complained with of drinkers in Staple Tye shopping centre, specifically outside Lidl on a Sunday.
  • JF had nothing to report
  • MB had nothing to report
  • AB had nothing to report
  • JF had nothing to report
  • TS & PS reported that they are still in talks with Essex County Council regarding a 20 mph speed limit through Moorfield. Nothing else reported.
  • JS reported possible friction between 2 families on the Briars and Copshall Close estates.


  • Staple Tye drinkers

 Other business:

The NAP dates set for 2014 wished to be changed. This will be done at the next NAP meeting.

Date of next meeting: 30/01/2014 at 65 Berecroft @ 7pm.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2014.



Mike Bateman                                                                      Berecroft RA                         MB
John Strachan                                                                     Chair                                      JS
Roy Jackson                                                                         Three Hills                             RJ
Annette Bateman                                                                 Berecroft RA                         AB
Terry Slater                                                                            Moorfield RA                         TS
Pam Slater                                                                            Moorfield RA                         PS
Jackie Fitzgerald                                                                  Berecroft RA                         JF
Karen Rogers                                                                       PCSO Essex Police                        KR


Zulquar Cheema, PCSO Nigel Day, PC Kev Mayle

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