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NAP 28th August 2012

BRA Committe Items- Neighbourhood Action Panel Meetings

Written by Z Cheema
Friday, 31 August 2012 10:01
Chair. Briars ResidentJS
Vice Chair, Berecroft RAZC
Chinese CommunityAL
Moorfield RATPS
Berecroft RAJF
PCSO Karen RogersEssex PoliceKR
PCSO Nigel Day
Updates from last meeting and review:
1)Drug Dealing and usage around the Berecroft Estate – further intelligence still being collated.
2)Nuisance youths at Staple Tye Shopping Centre – Patrols and stop checks on nuisance youths around the area and paddling pool area continuing.
Any new issues from around Staple Tye:
•ZC reported that the vehicles suspected to be linked to the drug dealing have not been seen recently. Someone had a BBQ on the football pitch area and had burnt the grass and the estate was quite untidy with the amount of Litter around.
•AL reported a small amount of broken glass in the Chinese car park. He also stated that the hedges and bushed near to the picnic table need to be cut down – JS to look into this
•TPS – reported Moorfield quite with only the continued parking obstructions.
•JS – Raised concerns regarding the parking issues that take place before and after school times around Longwood Primary School. PCSO Rogers would send a letter to the school asking them to send it out to the parents reminding them about the parking. Nuisance youths smoking drugs around the area of 178 The Briars.
•JF – Nothing to report.
1)Berecroft Estate and Rye Hill Park drug dealing.
2)Nuisance youths in Staple Tye Shopping Centre and Staple Tye Mews.
Any other business:
PCSO Rogers to organise Community Speed Watch at the next NAP.
Tuesday 25th September 2012 at 7pm at 40 Barley Croft
Committee Meeting : 25th June 2012
BRA Committe Items- Minutes 2003 – Current
Written by Z Cheema
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 13:25
Meeting : 25th June 2012 6:45pm.
Present :
M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM), L Wragg (LW), Z Cheema( ZC), Jackie (J)
Karina Perry (KP), Liz Kitchen. (LK)
Youth Team : Stuart (S)
Apologies : Connor.
Agree last Minutes : YES
1) Minutes Arising: Ink, ZC
2) Secretaries Report,
Chief Police Inspector letters, Have sent e-mailt o Victora (Mp Halfon) to arrange return letter and meeting)
Grants: Health & Caretaker, a new fund the ho and I are looking at for berecrfot
Boiler replacement (ZC & MB) organised for 9th July 8:30am
3) Treasurers Report:
Bank:£1841.78p,  HGLC:£345.84p, Petty Cash:£238.09, Allocated:£0.0, Fishing:£474.60p Payments:BRA: £1259.33p , Paid in £140 trip to Rochester, Paid in £110 Donations, Paid out 99p+Container 99p.  Petty cash for small misc items of £30 was agreed between members. This is for Milk, Tea, juices etc for general meetings and events
4) Youth Shelter & Hard Standing update:
Seating & Refuse bin to be installed talk to JS (ZC), Glass,
Plants growing on HS, need weed killer to remove them.
5) Sports & Fishing:
Football taking off slowly, but numbers increasing. Mondays and now Saturdays are back.
Pump and Valve required,  Ankle guards were mentioned to protect the children, Gloves for the goalie, various sizes required.  Need to get Garage open to access extra sports gear. Request some additional Ice packs, from KCF. (ZC)
6) Training:
Courses, attendees, Training Folder on Committee meetings to be left in office.
7 Newsletter
Jackie to learn Desktop Publishing (Serif) some pointers given by ZC.
8) Skillset
Form to collect what skills we have in the committee and on the estate…  (LW)
Police drugs raid in April, no people seeing dealing since
10) HGLC:
Trips & costs were discussed.  To bring events to next meeting.
11) Printer ink,:
(admin Budget) £20 for ink
AOB :Whiteboard need drilling, new pictures on Board. Parking Lines in car park (ZC)
Meeting closed  20:15pm
July 2012 @6:30pm

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