Minutes September 2014





Meeting: 6.00pm at 65 Berecroft, Harlow
Date: 18th September 2014


(ZC), (AB), (MB),  (JF),  (FA)

Apologies:  LW, LF, S P.

Last Minutes agreed and signed.

1.0 Matters Arising:


2.0 Secretary’s Report:
Banking regarding second signee – on going.
Circle Housing has sent Berecroft £500.
Camera purchased for surveillance and protections for hassled tenant.
Glass still on the hard standing.
Chain on the gate to the hard standing broken.
Hard standing bin has been emptied by Frank.
MB and JF have signed a declaration for ZC to be able to pay himself with on line banking. (if approved first)

3.0 Treasurers Report:
Money in Bank £4,996.71
Petty Cash £47.69
BRA £951.20
Fishing Account £140.85
People’s Health Lottery Fund £2,193.23
Co-op Funding £1,711.44
BRA+PC £998.89
South Anglia Housing £500.00

Money Paid Out:
FA Warden Money £438.00
LF Football Coaching £240.00
Child UK £393.00
Petty Cash £100.00
Mark Hall Sports £350.00
Football refreshments £20.00
AB Transport £40.00
Nigel’s leaving – ZC £10.00
Nigel’s leaving – JF £11.00

Due another £500 for Wardens.

4.0 Healthy Communities Update
Fishing:  No fishing arranged at the present time, as we do not have any adults to support this event.

Football:  The Saturday football is quite successful and ongoing with Lewis coaching, and we are managing with ZC and JF in attendance.

Walking Group:  Monday morning walking group continues with only a small group at the moment.
We are sometimes taking the bus to other areas of Harlow to walk round for a change of scene to make the walks interesting.

Knitting Group:  This continues and is quite popular and we are open to any new members.

Exercise Class:  The Mark Hall exercise class on Friday mornings is very enjoyable, we could still do with some more members.

5.0 Local Wardens:

The two local Wardens are very successful in Berecroft.  There has been less rubbish left and when there has been fly tipping done they get is dispersed as quickly as possible.  They are around for people to be able to ask questions and report problems.

A meeting is required February 4th 2015, and there is funding £500 until March.

FA has donated carpet for the shelter on the hard standing.

6.0 It would be nice if Berecroft had a notice board as well as the information in the office window.
We need to talk to Caroline regarding this as she could probably get the funding.

7.0 Halloween Party:

We will be holding a Halloween party on 31st October 2014 6pm until 8.00pm.
We will do an afternoon set up and several members will be sorting out the food.
ZC to run the games and music.

Budget set at £50.00

8.0 Christmas Event:

No plans at the moment to hold a Christmas event as last time was not well attended.

9.0 Training:


10.00 Any Other Business:

Would like to get Maureen Lodge involved in Street Signs for Berecroft .
The Residence  Association recommend colour coding on the signs to make it easier to find the numbers.

Discussions about the garages are still ongoing we are assuming that a lot of them will be Knocked down.

11.00 Date of Next Meeting:


Meeting closed at 20.00pm.






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