Minutes September 2013

Meeting: 6.30pm – 65 Berecroft                    Date:   9th September 2013

Present: (ZC),  (LW), (MB),  (AB), (KP),  (AK), (EJ), (JM), (JF).

Apologies: KM, SM.

 Last Minutes:  Agreed and signed .

1.0       Minutes Arising:  None

2.0       Secetrary’s report:

Priory Latton Farm, meeting required with Berecroft residents.

Letter from Council confirming of funding to start council decline.

3.0       Treasurers Report:

Balance from last Nat West statement:   £7,060.21

Residents Association: £920.20 plus petty cash £127.62

Fishing £140.85

People’s Health Lottery Fund £3999.16

Co-operative Funding £2,000

       Money paid out:

       Children craft club to (LW) £12.97

       Luton Football trip (ZC) for van hire and petrol £122.00.

Happy Go Lucky Club – Closing club  £325.00

Petty Cash £120.08 taken out.

        ZC to chase up Robert Halfon regarding £100 for hardstanding.

        South Anglia £100 donation for hardstanding – need payment.
4.0       Hard Standing and Youth Shelter:

            Bin and seat still needed to be put up by the hardstanding.  John Strachan will help suggested date for this Saturday 14th September, for Sunday 15th September.

Action: (JS) (ZC) (EJ) to put bin and seat in    

5.0       Sports and Fishing:

            Fishing:  low turnout for August for fishing, we think many people on holiday.


            Football and basket ball: Football was back on 6th September, unfortunately again we did not have a coach.  The lads still enjoyed their kick about.  Also it was hope to have basket ball straight after football, but again we had no coach.  Rethink on basket ball to maybe hold it on another day.

(JF) I did approach Lewis, Conner and Stuart about additional football during the holidays, but unfortunately all the boy were working and not able to help.

6.0       Events for Berecroft: Healthy Communities Update

Was able to get interest from the open day to join BRA and help out.

            The Walking Club:  The walking club continues to do well, we have regulars that attend and occasionally new people come when they can.  This club can fit round people’s commitments.

            First Aid Course: Original date for first aid was cancelled, new date for this course is Monday 16th September from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

            Exercise Class: Karen is still trying to sort this out, Mark Hall Sports Academy has been the favorite choice for this event.  The only problem this was to be on a Monday, maybe evening and it is thought that because of the walking group in the morning, those people that attending the walking might find it a bit too much, two events in one day.  Karen is going to see if there is a possibility of moving the day.

            NHS – One to one health help: This has still not been sorted out yet, but a lot of interest show, especially for weight monitoring.

             Knitting Club: This club is running well with another new member, and arrangements have been made to visit the Alexandra Palace Craft Fair in October 2013.

             Children’s Craft Club:  This has not taken off because of lack of support, especially the absence of any parents attending with their children.  Hoping to try again

             Happy Go Lucky Club: The Club was dissolved due to several of the attendants wanting to leave the club, due to not living in Berecroft anymore.  There may be interest in another club down the line.

 7.0       Local WardenInterviews have taken place and an announcement will be made as to the successful candidate.

            Action: (JF) and (MB) to conduct interviews.

 8.0       Halloween:  Unfortunately most of the members are away on the Halloween week so we will be able to run this event this year.  However, it has been decided to hold a Ghoul Night to run on roughly the same theme on 16th November 2013.  Budge allowance about £50,00.

 9.0       Xmas:  This is to be discussed at another time, about what we are going to do this year.

 10.0     NHW:   It has been noticed that there has been less traffic as regards to drugs being distributed, but it is thought that the drug problem is slowly firing up again.  One particular address has constant young visitors and as this person is old, the feeling is that the person is being used, so

 11.0     AOB:  The away day from South Anglia was a success and there were two lucky winners for the raffles.  Marilyn Green won a large rug and Liane Covey won a cream tea for four people.


ZC is going to try and arrange another garage meeting (ZC)
Caravan has now been moved on

The Railings in the car park have now been painted Green.

There is a thought about putting down parking lines in car parks.

 John Maton had leave the meeting at 8.10pm.


12.0     Date of next meeting : TBA

Meeting closed at 8.30pm



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