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Minutes May 2016

BRA meeting for the funding for Wardens and Football 5 May 2016

Meeting: 10.00am at 65 Berecroft, Harlow                                           Date: 5th May 2016

Present:  Zulgar Cheema, Jackie Fitzgerald, Mike Bateman, Annette Bateman, Frank Alecks, Maureen Lodge, John Strachan.

Apologies: Lewis Fry

Special Meeting called for discussing and implementing a safeguarding policy for children.

This policy would be adapted from the Rainbow Services Policy.

Always keeping a first aid record book. We also would record and report the conditions of any minor accidents to be put on an accident slip and presented to the parent or guardian of the injured child.

Football coach to read and sign the policy & any other volunteers’ who are involved in young children activities

With the amendment of the safeguarding policy for children the Berecroft Residents Association to approve and sign the document.

Date of next meeting: TBA

Meeting closed at 11.30am

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