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Minutes July 2016





Meeting at 10.00am, location 65 Berecroft, Harlow
Date 13th July 2016


Z Cheema (ZC), Annette Bateman (AB), Mike Bateman (MB), Jackie Fitzgerald (JF), Marilyn Green (MG), Maureen Armstrong(MA),  John Strachan(JS).

Special Queens Award Meeting:

Matters Arising:

Dates, venues and logistics for two awards given to Berecroft Residents Association. News coverage for the two events to advertise Berecroft Residents Association and what they do.
The Halloween party in October 2016
Warden’s reports

Parking 317 Berecroft now owned by Moat Housing.

  • We have two outstanding awards and have decided the celebrations and date of award trophy to be done on different days. This will make them both special in their different ways.  Also this could also give us local news coverage for both events.  Hoping this could interest and encourage new members for the Residents Association.

The Date for the QAVS (Queens Award) will be held on 23rd September 2016 at 12.00pm. The invitations will be sent to Circle Housing Manager,  Maureen Lodge and associate, Edna Stevens – council chairperson, John Strachan and Robert Halfon.  The award will be presented by Lord Peter from Ingenstone Hall.   Flyers will be posted to the residents of Berecroft to invite them to attend the ceremony and refreshments afterwards.  We are hoping to keep the cost down to £100.

  • Refreshments will be held in 65 Berecroft, and we are looking to outsource the food to either a private company or if possible HTS catering. HTS are used by Harlow Council, and if they would agree to do this for us, we hope that they may help us with the costs.  However, if this is not possible, we will look at other companies for the lowest prices to outsource the food.

Action: John Strachan to  contact HTS on this situation.

  • The lights on the hardstanding in Berecroft are now active. This has been a long battle for the Berecroft Residents Association. With the help of Harlow Council this has now been achieved.

To celebrate this  we have decided to officially open the lights at the end of October in conjunction with our annual Halloween party.  This will be held as usual in 65 Berecroft.  We will be inviting Joe McGill , John Clemner and John Strachan who have helped us to achieve this and make the turning on of the lights official.

  • We have discussed the possibility of the closure of 65 Berecroft, and are hoping with the help of John Strachan we can prolong or even deter this closure.

 Wardens Report:

The two Berecroft Wardens have notice an increase of Fly Tipping in the area.  Now we do not have a garage to put the objects into, while awaiting Harlow Streets to pick them up  the problem of where to put them is difficult.  If we put them in one place, then the mountain of items tend to increase over night.  If left in different areas on the estate it prolongs the time the items stay there until picked up. John Strachan has been advised of this problem and we are hoping Harlow Council might be able to advise us on strategy.

The increase of dogs mess has been really noticed over the last few months.  It seems owners don’t feel the need to pick up after their dogs even when they foul on the footpaths.  We need to have more help, as to who can be contacted and help us about our legal rights for this problem.

With the large amount of rain that has occurred over our summer months, the bushes along the footpaths in Berecroft have become very overgrown and are blocking some of them. The wardens do try and clip some back, but help is needed by Circle Housing or Harlow Council for this problem.

Meeting ended at 12.15pm

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