Minutes Funday 7th July 2010

Present,  Graham, Birch, Gary Pettigrew, Mike Reardon, Liane Kimber, Kelly Tarling (Rainbow Services)  Terry Kirby (PB),  Maureen Lodge (housing Officer), Shelley Mcintosh,(UH) Lyn Istead (UH)

Apologies, Nigel Day, Rob Barret.

UH – to try and supply Face Painter

TK – to organise Bouncy Castle & Ice Cream Van or MR to take over.

GP & MR designated First Aiders.

TK – to speak to 10-17 to get a price

ZC to HHR to oragnise PA & Music.

ZC to speak to Nigel Day about the traffic management

SH to organise flyers and distribution to the Herald.

MR to chase / talk to Greene King on supplying Benches

Another additional £2500 required to complete the project

Burgers £1.50, Sausages £1

Boot sale to be on flyer.

Boot Sale to open at 7am – 11am, to be cleard by 11:30pm

Funday vehicules to arrive from 11:30am till 12:30pm

Surveyed the back field to see how the layout can be achieved.

It was decided to back a main square at the back to make it look more  busy.

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