Minutes December 1st 2013





Meeting:  5.00pm at 65 Berecroft, Harlow.                           Date: 1 December 2013

Z Cheema (ZC),  Louise Wragg (LW),  Mike Bateman (MB), Annette Bateman (AB), Jackie Fitzgerald (JF).

Stuart Marington , Karina Perry

Last minutes agreed and signed. 

1.0          Minutes arising:    None

2.0          Secretary’s Report:

                Letter from Essex County Councilor Karen Clempner  regarding salt distribution and training.

Leaflet from Proud of Harlow.

3.0          Treasurers Report:

            Balance from last Nat West Statement:                  £7.105.27

Residents Association: £1,070.20 plus Petty cash –n £39.69 Total: £1,119.59

Fishing: £140.85

People’s Health lottery: £3,894.22

Co-op – £2000  now live.

Donations for hard standing as promised:

£100 Circle Housing

£100 Robert Halfon

            Donation fund: £485

Money paid out:

British Red Cross for first aid course – £104.09

Petty Cash: £50.00 as this was getting short.

Luton Football Visit: £50.00

Louise – for ghoul night and football top up. £29.74

Cheema – for silly string £2.00 (Ghoul night).

Request for Jackie Fitzgerald to be put on cheque book, ZC and MB agreed this.

Need to request John from Child Sports to send invoice for football coach.

4.0          Hard standing and Youth Shelter
Bin and seat now set up and completed.

5.0          Sports and Fishing

Fishing:  This activity has now ended for this year.  Nigel to discuss with Tony regarding further fishing for next year.  Need someone to come on board with a Midas License                  in order to drive the community coach.

Football and Basket Ball:
             Football  ends next week  (Saturday 7th December 2013) to start in the New Year, weather permitting.
Basket Ball to start in New Year at Longwood School probably a Wednesday evening, Chrisophe to take these sessions.


6.0          Events for Berecroft:  Healthy Communities Update:

              The Walking Club:  The Walking club continues every Monday we have from four to six people attending.  Naturally we would like more people to attend, but the walks                          have been good and beneficial.

First Aid Course:   This went ahead successfully and many people attended and everyone learnt a lot from this course.

Exercise Class:  We have this week received an e-mail from Karen regarding this class.  Unfortunately there has been a big gap and many people have lost interest in this ,                         so for the moment we feel this should be put on the back burner, and maybe try again in the New Year to raise interest.

NHS – One to one health help:  Nothing has been sent to us and still await someone to start this off.

               Knitting Club:  This continues to be successful and enjoyable, we are still hoping for new members.  The Alexandra Palace Craft Show was great everyone had a great day.

Children craft club:  This has not got off the ground as parents will not come down and attend with their children.

7.0          Local Warden: We now have two appointed Wardens Zulgar Cheema and Frank Aleca.  They started this position on 25th November and we wish them luck with this very important help for Berecroft.  We now need to get equipment for them to carry out some of their tasks. (Boots, Gloves, Hi-vis and badges),

8.0          Halloween:  Due to lack of people to help we changed this event to a Ghoul Night, this went surprisingly well with more people turning up than thought.  Karina done some of the food and the ingredients was given free from Tesco.  We need to thank them and send photo’s of the event.  Some other residents bought along cakes, and this made the event more enjoyable.  The event cost about £25.00 for the BRA .  We now need to replace paper cups and plates.

9.0          XMAS:  We have decided not to put anything on this Christmas and hope the new wardens can liaise with people about what they would like for this occasion for next year.

10.0        NHW:  Nothing new reported , but several people have asked when the tree damage from the storm would be taken away.

11.0        AOB:  Community Spirit Award take place this Monday 2nd December it will be interesting to see if anyone from Berecroft is picked this year.

Cheema has still had not luck with arranging a garage meeting (not for the want of trying).

No feedback on the suggestions of car park lines in the area yet.

12.0        Date of next meeting TBA

Meeting closed at  6.2- pm

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