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Minutes 7th March 2011

6:30pm  7th March 2011 

Present : 
Ron (RW), N Day(ND), M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM)
S Harding (SH), L Wragg (LW), G Birch GB) Z Cheema( ZC),
Councillor J Strachan (JS)

Apologies : Gary Pettigrew.

1)  Minutes Arising.
Item 5 the web site has been paid for and ZC reimbursed.
Item 8 MB searched Insurance and found that it cover3d companies,
events can be covered as individual item.. Contact P Gould, SH to enquire.
Item 4 still outstanding , Signatories on cheques.
Item 9 now have RB paperwork now

8pm JS left meeting

2) Secretaries Report.:
NAP, P Gould did the GS report with us., Council Watch, Local MP R Halfon
gave his idea on BS.  H Harrison organised the 1st Federation to unite local RA’s

3) Treasurers Report :
Bank £ Cash in hand £401.47,     60’s Club £241.56      
Available £1521.50  tot £1922.97 RA £645.93, 
Web paid £41.13p to ZC,  RX £50 from 60’s, Fishing Acc £1350.48p
Swims Fees, Baits & equipment & Transport 
ACTION ZC to mail KF & CK of Anglia for funding £1000.

4)  Football & Basketball.
Basketball coming to an end today, off to Southend on Saturday.
Football has a consistent amount of youngsters attending.
Try and continue on Mondays for sport
ND has obtained funding for Street Cricket.(£200)

(JS returned 8:33)
ND raised the Urban Farm, growing Vegetables and keeping chickens.

5) Youth Shelter & Hard Standing
We now have the YS in writing from HC
We have knocked on all doors along the back  198 – 213 – 316 – 311
Kier to collect for us when we require.  A bin has to be installed.
Annual Maintenance required.

(ND left the meeting at 9pm)

The rubbish bin has seen a reduction black sacks at that ban since the capping of the bin and Local
Housing Officer talking to the people dumbing the rubbish (info gained by going through the bags)

The location to place the 1st notice board was decided the Telephone box by 65
Residents nearest the board to be door knocked.
some locations of the notice boards were discussed.
Hard Standing, Rye Hill Road
It was decided to adopt the re-vamped constitution and place on web site

Monitoring Berecroft E-mails, burden to MB

6) Trips & Events,
Anita (PCSO) to find out about the Easter eggs.

JS left 8:30

Talk to RH on Friday regarding Trip.

7)  AOB.
The paintings by the children to go up on the 26th of March
ST James School coming onto the estate on Friday 9am for the crime reduction / prevention
It was noticed by some members the onsite refuse is not as good as the previous ones.
It was noted that a news item in the local paper had no mention of the BRA or PSCO,
we were disappointment about as our help was vital to enable the event to function. Meeting closed

Meeting Closed 8:38pm

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