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Minutes 25th September 2011

Present :
Ron (RW), M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM), , L Wragg (LW), Z Cheema( ZC)


Apologies : S Harding (SH),


Agree last Minutes : (Agreed, Signed Z Cheema, M Bateman)


Minutes Arising from last meeting, We gave card to PSCO Anita, who has now left. Ron is doing well in his treatment and is out of the woods.  Garage was consolidated in to one (ZC, MB, AM, LW,AC),


  1. Secretaries Report, attended NAP meetings. Resignation from GB received,  Communication KCF     regarding lighting and ink for printers.
  2. Treasurers Report , Bank £1226.84, Petty Cash £133.61, Total £1530.50, BRA £601.95, Fishing         £474.60, Over 60s £283.90. Received £65 from 60s club, Paid out Nigel £5 fishing License, £1.98         Biscuits for football.  Paid form bank £82.66 M Tuffin, for club Lunch, £20 Community Travel for the       minibus for the 60s club.  £42 to AIC website renewal 16 July
  3. Sports update, The cricked and the basketball went went well during the summer, we had a good turn            out with the kids.  Maureen commented that no complaints had been received from residents this summer about nuisance, which she tributes to the sports events. The fishing is going end and we will hang on the items for next year.  Football is back on and a good attendance with.  Stars have been             introduced for the best stars of the match.  They have also decide to meet Thursday on the football       pitch to play between 4 and 5pm in the afternoon.
  4. Lights.  I spoke to Karen about the lights, a quotation had been received from the Council for £3k to run power from a street light to our lights, this would mean our lights would stay on all night.  This          would be unacceptable as residents would suffer the lights all night and the cost to the council would     be higher
  5. Youth Shelter, J Strachan and I measured the shelter, he is arranging with Ian at Keir to install.           Cheema to chase JS for date.
  6. Roofing. Is on target we have been told.
  7. Halloween.  31th October . To setup room on the Sunday at 1pm.  LW to make food sandwiches. We need more cardboard cups & Plates. Sweets, Cakes, Biscuits & Apples for the games. ZC to supply          music. Additional decorations LW will acquire. Timings 6pm till 8pm, tidy up afterward. Max age            12ish  Budget £50, Flyer to be made With date, time, location, prizes, games and age limit ZC to do.
  8. Christmas, To be indoors, Flyers, letters & Gift from Santa £2.50p more discussion at next meeting
  9. Need to recruit some additional helpers, Flyer to for helpers to organise 2011 funday
  10. AOB, fly tipping on the estate, seems to be on the increase, mattresses, wardrobes,Garden waste by              bins,

Date Of next Meeting :  6th November 2010 10:30am,  Meeting closed 12:20pm

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