Minutes 21st February 2012

Minutes of Meeting 21st February 2012 at 65 Berecroft.

Meeting opened at 6:45 on 21st February 2012

M Bateman (MB) A Bateman (AB) L Wragg (LW) Z Cheema (ZC) K Perry (KP)

Youth Members: Lewis Fry (LF) Connor Fry (CF) Stuart Perry (SP)

Apologies: None

Agree last minutes Agreed


1) Minutes arising Printer ink to be ordered


2) Secretaries Report Community awards passed by. Baseball open day 1-5pm 22nd Jan 2012 sports centre.


3) Treasures Report Bank £1229.77p .Petty Cash £191.59p. £799.93=RA £474.60=Fishing 60’s £149.83 Paid Out £8.48 for Santa’s Grotto. 60’s dinner £197.07, Santa’s visit =£44.50p.


4) Youth Shelter and Hard Standing update JS got the council to dig the holes for us. We managed to get it into the holes. Lighting, Kier have done a site visit and we await the quote.


5) Sports and fishing No update on fishing ZC to talk to Nigel SP,LF,CF, Football,rounders, basketball, cricket, dodge ball, rugby were options discussed NEW :Football & Basketball in two youth teams 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 on Saturdays 10am till12 pm alternating with basketball. Evening events to be left till April for more daylight


6) Insurance We are covered Karen has verified via e-mail 18/01/2012


7) Newsletter Maureen has asked us if we would like to have an input to the newsletter it was agreed to help


60/s club have asked them to have a set of club rules


9)Roofs Ian has said that there will be a drop in for any roof problems.


10) Easter to hide clues around the estate with a quiz (8th April) Sports day fun day its a knockout BBQ, refreshments.


12 NHW some abandoned (land rover) cars, no reports of fuel thefts. Drain holes have holes around them, may be damaged due to the lorry deliveries when the roofs were being done.


12) Printer ink paper (admin budget) £20 for ink.




Date of next meeting


Meeting closed 7:25 ZC

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