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Minutes: 1st July 2013




Meeting:   6.30pm – 65 Berecroft         Date:  1st July 2013

Z Cheema (ZC),  Louise Wragg (LW), Karina Perry (KP),  Aiden Kimber (AL),
Eric Jokonya (EJ), Kenny Mupomba (KM), Jackie Fitzgerald (JF).

Mike Bateman (MB), Annette Bateman (AM),
Youth Team, Lewis, Conner, Stuart (SM).

Last Minutes:  Agreed and to be counter signed by MB

1        Minutes Arising: None

1a) we welcome two new members EJ & KM to the committee

1b) New roles assigned to members, ZC to move from secretary Chair, SM to be Vice Chair, KF to be     secretary, with AB to assist.

2          Secretaries Report:

Berecroft Residence Association Constitution
We need to go through the BRA Constitution to make sure that our rules and regulations
are clear and concise..  Also an independent audit needs to be done.  Report is available on
website.  Gabrielle from South Anglia would like to see and access out Constitution     Action:  Cheema to address this for the next meeting.

NAP Meetings
Last NAP Meeting at 65 Berecroft was on the 5th June 2013
Police Commissions Meeting was attended by Cheema and Jackie, to point out
drop in crime numbers as a result of the Football, Fishing and presence given by their PCO’s.   To make the commissioner aware that a drop in the number of PCO’s could undo all the good work that has been put into these projects. These have also been conducted in order to make, especially the youths, familiar with the PCO’s and the value that the social events have for them.

There is a meeting of Harlow Council local Highway Panel on 4th July 2 – 4pm at the Town Hall.

3          Treasurers Report: (taken by ZC)

Balance from last Nat West statement:   £8,325.02

Residents Association: £1053.25

Fishing £140.85

Happy Go Lucky Club £204.92

People’s Health Lottery Fund £4,121.16

Co-operative Funding £2,000

       Money paid out:

       Fishing – £280.00

       Fishing Licenses and equipment – £68.75

       Child UK Football – £394.00

       Sports direct –shin pads- socks – £119.27

       First Aid medical wipes and fishing license – £11.57

       Open day refreshments – £40.00, some additional amounts outstanding approx £12
some receipts from the football also outstanding, thanks to JF for helping on that side.

4         Hard Standing and Youth Shelter:

There has been no update on the hard standing.   We are waiting for John Straken to get a letter from Harlow Council, stating that after the electrics have been put in place on the hard standing, Harlow Council will pay for the electricity. We need a bin to be put in by the Youth Shelter. The bin has been purchased, but it would need to be cemented in as will the wooden bench supplied by the Nature Reserve for us.  We have located the sites we want these put on.  Concrete must be purchased and a date set in July to dig holes and complete these tasks..

Action:  EJ and KM and maybe Louise to carry out this task. ZC to arrange date.

5.0.  Funding

We have two thirds of the £6000 funding promised.

6.0  Football

The Saturday football continues, and the children seem to enjoy this event very much.
We now have three additional parents to relive the work load of ZC & JK, they will alternate   between the Saturdays.

On the last three Saturdays the coach was unable to attend, so Child UK has three more sessions outstanding with one additional one promised for free by John .  We would like organise  some informal midweek football and basket ball if possible, and are approaching the youth teams leaders    for help with this.

Action, JK to talk to Lewis, Conner and Stuart to look into what they can do in the holidays.


7.0 Local warden: work in progress


8.0  Sports Activities:

ZC and AK have attended a Sports Trust Meeting and looking at the outdoor
Pursuits Activities, with a view to give the children of Berecroft a chance to attend this great activity .  Aiden’s suggestions also for sport activities would include, running, swimming and tennis.  This to cover six weeks.

Action:  AK  to design flyer for these events.

9.0. Events for Berecroft
: Healthy Communities Update

An open day was held on the 2oth of June for all residents.  Flyers were posted earlier that week by committee members.  The attendance numbered 35, with some new faces but not as many as we would have hoped for.  The Smoothie bike was a success as was the buffet

The Walking Club will be doing another walk on 15th July, to start from 65 Berecroft at 10.00am.  It is not know as yet where the walkers will be going.

First Aid Course   There has been a number of names put down for this event and we are awaiting a date.  People who have applied for this course will be contacted as soon as this has been arranged.


Cooking club:  At last we have some families interested in doing this event.  Held at the Chinese Centre, date to be arranged.  Again families will be contacted when the arrangements have been put in place.

Exercise Class:

Quite a bit of interest shown for this event.  We are hoping for this to take place at Mark Hall Sports Area.  Transport will be laid on.  The actual start date to be worked out by Karen of South Anglia Housing.  This information will then be passed on to the people on the list.

NHS – One to one health help:.

Some names were put down for the opportunity to change your health style.  We are hoping for maybe information to form our own weight loss session.  Also to address any health problems .  We will wait for Karen from South Anglian Housing to confirm dates for this.

Happy –Go-Lucy-Club:

This still runs on Wednesdays mornings from 10.00am until 12.00am.  Although this is running smoothly.  Additional members would be welcomed.

Knitting Club:

The adult knitting club that runs on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm is quite successful.  The members supply their own materials and would like to expand the adult membership.  This has a very pleasant atmosphere.

Children’s Craft Club:

As a spin off from interest shown when children turned up for craft on Tuesday at 7.00pm.  It was proposed to have the children’s craft club from 5.00pm until about 6.30pm.  These times can be amended when we see how the club gets on.  A date proposed for was 16th July 2013.  Louise was willing to help with this event and supply some materials if possible.  Other items have been given by the adult knitting club.

Action:  LW  to design flyer for these events.

11.00   NHW:

Neighborhood Watch has noted an incident and this has been passed onto the Police.

There are still concerns regarding the Caravan parked in the middle car park of Berecroft, as the mains lead runs right across the car park and the connection could be a danger for children.  Maureen from South Anglia Housing has to get a court order which takes time.  There are also concerns that the dog owners that live in the caravan, do not put their dogs on a lead, they are allowed to roam around free.  These are small dogs and probably not dangerous, but they foul outside on the grass in front of the houses, and the owners do not clean this up.

LW has a problem with children throwing concrete slabs at her wall from the car park next to her.

12.00 Any other business:

Garages have now been knocked down and railings put in.
Local News letter is on-going and we are waiting for Maureen Lodge to sort this out.
Local Warden position has still not been filled, position available and a search for someone
to fill this, is in progress.

13.00 Date of next meeting: TBA (9th September 2013)

Meeting Closed 8pm

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