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Minutes 14th May 2012

Meeting :  6.45pm, 14th May 2012

Present :
M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM), L Wragg (LW 6:58), G Birch GB) Z Cheema( ZC ),
Youth Team :Connor , Stuart,  Lewes.

Apologies :
Karina Perry.

Agree last Minutes : YES


1) Minutes Arising: Still to be purchased Printer Ink, 60’s club has set of rules and are now know as “Happy Go Lucky Club” HGLC, Easter Eggs did not happen due to the police re-organisation and so Easter eggs to give as prizes, which was a shame.


2) Secretaries Report, (ZC) A copy of a letter sent to Chief Inspector (10th April 2012) Letter from MP Halfon, no update has followed, as requested in letter.  A £10 donation from Mrs Wilmhurst )66) for the Hard Standing fund. E-mails to Mike Bartlett, Maureen (HO), MP, Terry P, Terry K, John S & Star paper, plus many other e-mails to try and get Hard Standing (HS)  repaired.  A wooding seat donated by HC>

Theresa May  (Home Secretary)visited Berecroft on the 1st May, were was a good turnout form residents and other dignitaries.  There was a walk up to the HS. Conversations with Terry P, Youth Team, residents and myself.  Afterwards back at 65 over tea, concerns and questions were asked by residents and re-assurances requested.


3) Treasurers Report (MB) Bank Balance, £1601.78p, Petty Cash £230.06p, RA Funds Available £1151.40,  £474.60 Fishing, HGLC £205.84,  £70 Received from HGLC. Cash Donations of £185 Received for HS, £100 pledge from MP Halfon has to be added as well.   Thank You cards need to be sent to donators.

Paid out; £10 Harlow Community Transport by HGLC, HS £27.55p Wickes Cement & Shingle, £2.99 Thank you cards.


4) Youth Shelter & Hard Standing: Ron’s Wife has donated £10,   Many items in the press over the last few weeks, not all favorable about the crime.(4 items).  Youth Shelter repaired thanks to Tony Perry & Mike Bartlett (Circle Anglia) & JS, Post crete and shingle, and all seating assembled.  We have had 2 recce’s and 1 quote awaiting one more not including the one from Kier to repair the lights. Have quote from UK Power Networks for £1658.40 10 May 2012.

5) Football Update, Fishing & other activities
No fishing as of yet due to new Police system, will speak to Maureen + Nigel to chase
The figures below show how the Fishing & Football has helped to bring down nuisance youth incidents on Berecroft.

Year                 Nuisance Youths Incidents Berecroft  

2007-2008                                 36
2008-2009                                 31
2009-2010                                 14
2010-2011                                  5
2011-2012                                  4


Football to re-start on Monday 28th at 4:30pm, to start and additional days to be added latter inc Saturdays, if possible.  They may also add Cricket and Basketball to the list.  The youth team have a Face Book Address Group “Berecroft Sports”

8) 2011 – 2012 Crime figures for Berecroft,
Public Order Offences – 4,
Theft Of Motor Vehicle – 5,
Drugs Possession – 4,
Criminal Damage – 16,
Theft – 8,
Theft of Pedal Cycle – 1,
Assaults – 11,
Burglary Dwelling – 5,
Theft From Motor Vehicle including attempts and Interference with Motor Vehicle – 32,
Harassment – 1,
Dangerous Dog – 1,
Burglary Other – 1

AOB : Car park next to 264 , concrete where there are no barriers the concrete coming out.
ZC to chase CA about the Harris Fencing around garages, Dave Dockrell.
Dog Fouling on Rye Hill Park.
ZC would like to step down as Secretary, and we need to have a Chair.
Some RA members are on Circle Anglia courses in June.
Wed 6th June – Working as a Team

Fri 15th June – Communication Skills

Tues 19th June – Presentation skills

Thurs 21st June – Committee Skills for Tenant Organisations

Thurs 28th June – Confidence Building


Date Of Next Meeting : 25th June 2012 6:30pm


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