Minutes 13 December 2010

Meeting:  13 December 2010   6:35pm

Present: Louise, Ron, Mike, Annette, Sue, Graham, Tony (Santa)
(7:45pm) Nigel PCSO

Apologies: Gary

Agree last Minutes: Yes

Minutes Arising: Accounts and some paperwork received from LD

1)  Secretaries report, letter from Harlow District NHW (Nov 2010).,
it was agreed to sign acceptance and return.

Letter from council, 22 nov 2010 LDF (local development plan)
advising date of exhibitions.

2)  Receive paperwork from Lee D, some more to come when.

Two amounts on the cheque book  £240 (11 Aug 2009) & 
£200 (23/11/09), no writing in the stubs.

ZC thinks the £200 is quite high for the hire of costumes for Santa’s
grotto and some additional items, robe light and white sheets.

Balance in Chq account £1521.50 Cash in Hand £512.01 this
includes £313.80 cash for the 60s club

£129.98 allocated to the fishing project.

New Bookers card received and with the treasure. The cost to
purchase a Santa suit was £34.99 (purchased by M&A Bateman)

3) Hard Standing update, Councilor, Mr. Strachan says he is 99%
sure we have the Shelter, just waiting for one more OK from the council. 
I spoke to Mr. Strachan to confirm we have not signed any paperwork
with the council regarding the ownership of the hard standing. There is a
possibility Mr. Kirby & Councilor J Strachan will visit us this Saturday to
see the football this weekend  (18th Dec)

4) Football update, looking at having two age groups, primary and senior,
also trying to recruit more young ladies. It is going well with good attendance.
Last session this year is on the 18 of December, it will restart on the 9th
of January 2011 then every Saturday through to April 16th April.
(Website to be info added)

There is also a planned visit from the Pirates this weekend with the
chance to get free coaching.

5) Santa, Bell needed, ZC to try acquire.  We have had 25 Letters back
for Santa to post a letter to them. The total amount from the letters
was £48,of this, £25 for gifts, £2 for stickers, £10 for two tins of
chocolates to hand out during the walkabout., £13.01p to go to
our funds. Santa’s Letters, to be posted this week

clipboard and presents to be stored in the office,   Sue to deliver the
Santa letters. Tony to wear the santa suit on the 19th.  Meet at 4pm at
65 to setup

6) Meetings attended, NAP and Harry, Ron, Mike, Annette,
Graham & Cheema attended a Scrutiny training day organised by
Anglia, they second was canceled to due to bad weather.

AOB : 2nd Jan to paint a scene of the estate at 65  on the white material.

Follow up Mr A Start for the white lines for the parking at the end of
Louise’s house, and also the news letter.

Sue Rx a letter from Anglai about the garages, notes held o the 29th
Sept, was not aware of the original meeting. (mrs S J Hussey).
Next meeting discus website passwords and maintenance

Date Of next Meeting : Monday 24th January.

Meeting closed 7.55pm

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