Minutes 10 May 2011

Meeting :  6.00pm, 16 may 2011

Present : Ron (RW), M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM), Gary Pettigrew, L Wragg (LW), G Birch GB) Z Cheema( ZC), Councillor J Strachan (JS) (Arrived 6:36pm)

Apologies : S Harding (SH),  N Day(ND),

Agree last Minutes : (SIGNED)

1) Minutes Arising , Lines are WIP, Cleaners see below

 2) Secretaries Report, ZC Bank statement passed to MB, GB CRB, Nap meeting on the 11th April.  Folders set up in office for Permission slips, Minutes and news cuttings

 3) Treasurers Report (MB) Paid out £10 to fishing License to GB for ND, Cash £70 from 60’s club over last month, Total funds £1437.09, Bank £821.50, Petty Cash £650.59 RA has £645.93 , Fishing Acc £479.60, 60’s £311.56.

4) Youth Shelter & Hard Standing Bin has been ordered by Maureen (HO), as soon as it arrives we will organise a date for the fitting. Hard Standing grass edging needs cutting.

5) Football Update, Fishing & other activities, First fishing went well, we had 8 children, 3 PSCO & 3 Members of BRA. All children were well behaved. Football has a good core still (about 10 normally) a new child from another area has joined us. Biscuits & Drinks supplied by Anglia.

6) Easter Egg run.. Went well and all eggs were take, we had to limit the ages (up to 10yrs) as we did not have the normal amount.  There were some disappointed children unfortunately.  We need to advertise the event next time or organise an event to hunt the egg, with a message, litter, football.

7) Liability Insurance (GB) We do not come under the CRB as we are not left alone with children but need to make sure this is kept to, eg child taken back to 65 at football with one person

Hello Mike,

As per our telephone conversation I can confirm that CRB checks will only be necessary if your organisation is providing care to children, in which children are being left alone with volunteers. 
If parents or other CRB cleared volunteers are present with children then this will negate the need for individuals to need CRB clearance.
I hope this clarifies the issue for you.
Kind regards,  Joe Perry Cert CII
Tennyson Insurance – Charity Insurance Experts
T: +44 (0) 1243 832097 | F: +44 (0) 1243 210112 | W:

8) Roofing, is slightly behind due to the Easter holidays, but have been informed that the project will be finishing earlier, 14th October. Rob Halfon was present and chaired the meeting with representatives of Anglia Housing.  Some asbestos was found in some roofs also some houses (very few) had gas flues that did not go out to the roof and was terminated in the eves, if any of those are found then the Gas will be turned to due to H&S

9) Litter, Cleaning is now once a week and the grass cutting is on going, A lot dogs mess everywhere was noticed by the cleaners. They cleaners are a very friendly and are keen to do a good job on the estate.  With a little bit of persuasion we can could provably get the grass cut on the hard standing

10) Parliament Trip, Easter, Funday

 AOB : Outside Louise house, is a green box, that is used by kids to play with, it has mains power in there and is dangerous.  Need to find out and secure or removed.

 Meeting closed 7:30pm

 Date Of next Meeting :  TBC

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