Meeting 26th June 2010

Apologies,  L Dangerfield, S Dangerfield.

Present,  Liane K, Louise W, Mike & Annette  B, Mr. Birch, Mr. G Pettigrew


The meeting is not quorate, so these minutes will be sent for approval and acceptance of the requests below.

1       AGM, date to be set for September 28th 2010, 18:30pm ,

Accounts need to be up to date (LD) & to be audited if possible Committee to meet Aug 31st 2010 18:30 to organise the AGM, Paperwork, to include Voting slips, dates, Accounts available. Constitution to be changed G4,2,3,“Berecroft Community Housing LTD” to incumbent housing assoc or other recognised association.  ACTION LD, SD, Committee



2    2    Funday monies,  Burgers available for £18 X 48 ¼ burgers, Sausages @ £10 40, rolls may be donated, or 20p each
 + onions, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk, Juice, Panda pops+ Cans.  A request for an advance for the Funday for the sum £300 to cover food and prizes costs .  See funday minutes 22nd June for quantity and items required.  ACTION ZC LK, SD



3  To look into our own PL insurance, for events and bouncy castle in the future.


4  E-mail this to lee & Sarah Dangerfield to accept the recommendation in item 2
Hi Lee & Sarah, can you have a look at the minutes and approve the required funding for the Hard Standing Funday on the 25th July 2010.  I will require some cheques to be signed as well to purchase the items. (30th June 2010)
Cheema (email confirmation)

We agree the spend, but cannot agree the minutes as we was not there.

Regards Cllr Lee Dangerfield ( 4th July 2010)





Date of next Meeting, = when the management agreement for the hard standing needs to be drawn up


Meeting Closed 8pm

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