Local Councillor surgeries 2021

“Staple Tye Cllr teams up with Berecroft Residents to offer monthly surgeries”

Cllr Alastair Gunn, elected to the Staple Tye ward in May, has announced that he will be beginning monthly ward surgeries, after reaching an agreement with the Berecroft Residents Association to use their base at 65 Berecroft.

65 Berecroft is a property on the Berecroft estate that is reserved for community use. After being disrupted by the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, the Berecroft Residents Association has been working hard to restore it to regular use.

The venue will be offering regular craft, sewing and book swap sessions. There will also be weekly opportunities to meet the local police and following lobbying by ward Councillors including Cllr Gunn, Citizens Advice will be using the venue for monthly outreach sessions to the south end of Harlow.

Cllr Gunn’s surgeries will be at 12pm on the third Friday of every month, starting on the 19th of November at midday

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