Hard Standing Project May 2010

Towards the end of last year the our local PCSO had informed us of
some funds that could be available.  After talking to the major funder Pitney Bowes and
getting them to help fund and to get the lights up and running on the hard standing, we were
pleased for Pitney Bowes to be interested in our project.

We added abut £700 of our own funds to make the funds up to get the
project on it’s waya and fit a power outlet.

Then there was a lot of towing and throwing as there is, when waiting for officials to
answer questions and get things moving.

In May Robert Barret of Anglia Housing took the nettle by the hand and run without the officials,
bringing the project back to life as we thought we were going to have to hand the funds back to Pitney Bowes
due to the long delays.  United House, were also brought in by Rob Barret to give a help.

From that initial thrust, in less then 4 weeks we know have the most
things in place and just to need to consult with residents to make sure we put it to
the best use as possible, as we have to sign a managment agreement with the
council to look after the property.

1st Minutes here
Minutes (Management Agreement)
Playground ideas

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