Garage Update Flyer June 2013

The latest garage news for the estate.

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Garage Update

The Health and Safety works to garages at Berecroft have been going well since talking
to you in January.  After a structural inspection it was identified  that some of the garages had deteriorated. To
increase the life of the garages we carried out shoring works to 23 garage blocks that will
extend their life.

This work was required to be completed quickly and Maureen Lodge, your
Neighbourhood Officer, contacted affected tenants so their garages could be shored
immediately. We would like to thank those tenants for their co-operation.
We are now looking at the next phase of  works to be undertaken and have received
Planning Permission from Harlow District Council for the demolition of five garage

blocks due to their condition, at:
• Block numbers 31 – 36
• Block numbers 85 – 90
• Block numbers 137 – 142
• Block numbers 167 – 172
• Block numbers 215 – 220

We have contacted all those residents with garages in the blocks to be demolished, to
provide a suitable alternative. Following this we still have some garages available to let for
parking your vehicle. If anyone is interested further details are available from Maureen
Lodge on 01279 712457.

As part of our aim to ensure value for money, we will be removing a selection of garage
doors and springs, before the garages are demolished, so they can be recycled and used to replace garage doors on existing garages in Berecroft which require replacement.  Our contractors, Mc Fletch, intend to start the
works on Monday 17 June 2013.

Once these works are completed we intend to carry out a full review of all the garages to look at the best fix for Berecroft taking into account the needs of residents . We will be
consulting with residents in the near future on garage use and possible improvements to
the area.  If you have any issues or would like to discuss the changes to garages in Berecroft, please call Maureen on 01279 712457.

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