Garage Demolishment

Circle Anglia is to proceed to demolish all garages on the estate as the garages had deteriorated to further then expected.  This means all garages will have to be vacated and certain parking access will be limited during this time.  Some of paths may also have to be closed during the operation.  Skips will be provided during this time and looked after by the Wardens.
Contact number 0300 333 8333

Please see attached PDF of the Circle Anglia letter with a map of the locations of the skips.
Contact number 0300 333 8333

PLEASE NOTE : None of the following items in the skips please

Circle Anglia’s Letter

South Anglia

Number One Building
12 August 2015
The Causeway
BishoP’s Stortford
Herts CM23 2ER

Dear Resident
we wrote to you in June advising you that 4 garage blocks on the
Berecroft estate would be demolished over 6-8 week period due
to health and safety reasons, and further inspections of at the other garages would be
undertaken to determine their condition.

Unfortunately the survey has identified that the remaining garages have deteriorated more
rapidly than expected, meaning we will need to demolish all the remaining blocks before the
winter for health and safety reasons.

We will be contacting all those tenants of garages requesting that they are vacated by 1st
September 2015 as we plan,with our contractor Kier, to commence works in early September

We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience to residents whilst the work is
carried out for a number of reasons:

No garages on the estate for vehicles and/or for storage
Temporary reduction in car parking facilities
Possible closure of some footpaths

To help with the garage clearance and making the estate safe we will open the Estate office
on Monday 17th August to Thursday 20th August between 8’3Oam to 4’00pm where your
Neighbourhood officer Maureen Lodge will be available to discuss any concerns you may

Alternatively if you would like to speak to us you can contact Maureen via our
customer services number 0300 333 8333

We appreciate the short timescales for the garages to be vacated so we have arranged for
our contractor Kier to place skips in convenient places for residents to dispose of items
stored in garages that are no longer required, free of charge’ and to provide signage clearly
identifying the areas where works will be undertaken. The skips will be available from
Monday 17th August’

We will also be asking residents their views regarding future car parking arrangements and
storage requirements,subject to monies being available in the future.

We thank you for your help and co-operation’

Yours sincerely
Nigel Perks
Neighbourhood Manager


Garage demolish August 2015

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