Funday Meeting 12th July 2011

Funday Meeting 12th July 6:60pm

 Present: Louise, Liane, Mr. & Mrs. Bateman, Graham, Cheema (chair), Ron,  Jack (270) Marilyn (188)

Jackie (1 6:45pm), Gary


 GB to go head with Candy Floss, pre made packaged.50p & 30p

LW as acquired the items. for the food stand. Aprons outstanding

Tk Ice Cream Van & Bouncy Castle Confirmed

LW Certificates printed 9 each 1st, 2nd, 3rd

LK Prize round of gold at Briggens Golf Course. 9 holes for to 2 people

Bateman, have 300 cups , serviettes, Spoons, straws £10

  • LK & LW to get make and get prizes for the luck dip ACTION
  • LK has designed, printed and delivered the flyers the tombola to be collected this Friday 16th
  • LK Has arranged Majorettes Display in exchange for a free stall
  • ZC has booked Hospital Radio for £60, our Generator required
  • ZC has organised the wrestling with Thunder slam, with one bout at about 3/4pm
  • Jackie has organised three goalies, 13yrs, 9,yrs 7yrs , require 5  A Side Posts.
  • Marilyn to sell the cakes
  • Boot sale from 7am till 11am.
  • LK to clean BBQ next week. ACTION
  • 10.  Jack, Jordan and a few other youths have volunteers

    11.  Burgers, Sausages Rolls, Onions, Burger Sauce, Sweets, Tea Bags, Sugar, Milk, Coffee, Squash, Panda Pops ,  Cans ACTION Bookers Card KL & ZC to shop Thursday am

    12.  To move the stalls all onto the field to make a square

    13.  ACTION, GB to pre make the candy floss & Supply Generator.

    14.  Prizes for games LW & LK

    Next meeting Wednessday 6:30pm to check all the games and equipment.

    Meeting closed  7:30pm

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