Free Live Music – LinkFest 2021

Linkfest at the park is in August the 29th, this year.

The event kicks of at 12pm on the acoustic tent, then 1pm on the main stage till 9pm

1pm Steve Forward
2pm Afterlife
3pm 2 Colours Blue
4pm Triple X
5pm Cadence
6pm The Stolians
7.15pm Sax On Fire

Acoustic Tent;
12pm Captain Pennick
12.30pm Hanna
1pm Dave Honeywell
1.30pm At Dawn We Ride
2pm Steve Newman (Ledge)
2.30pm Jodi & Cara
3pm The Brown Paper Bag Trio
3.30pm Grace O’Donoghue
4pm Ruby Jean Smith
4.30pm Anita Schultschik (local berecroft person)
5pm Danny Troublz
5.30pm Richard Harris
6pm 10 Strings
6.30pm Shark Avenue

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