Fire on Estate May 2010

A man has been arrested on the suspicion of the fire, which was started ion the early morning of Saturday the 1st May. Eighteen homes had to be removed while
the fire was dealt with.  In a strange twist of fate, one of the fire fighters who attend was also at the original meetings of the last fire and so was aware of the issues and was able to help to contain the fire more quickly. This is because the soffits help to spread the fire between the properties and these would have been dealt with quickly.
Five properties were effected by the fire.

On Sunday the 3rd of May the MP Grant Shapps came down to view the damage, Councillor Lee Dangerfield, show the minister around the area and explained the situation, with the local housing company and residents.

BBC News on the fire
BBC News look East broadcast
A correction on the Broadcast is that those people are not members of the RA, I am, but the others are helping me in trying to get things moving on the Hardstanding  for the local community.




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