Constitution 1999 – Feb 2011



The name of the Association shall be Berecroft Community Association and in this document will be referred to as such.

. The Forum Group is for the residents of Berecroft.

A. Aims

A1. To represent the whole community of Berecroft.

A2. To represent the interests of the residents, in the matters which affect their rights regarding the management of their homes, improvements and maintenance of their homes as well as local amenities and the local environment. To enhance the development of the whole community.

A3. To provide regular information to its members and other residents of the estate and to consult with all residents regularly.

A4. To build a partnership. To improve the communication and relationship between landlord and resident.

A5. To be the channel through which new Berecroft Community Housing Board Members are presented, nominated and elected by RA members.

B. Membership

B1. Full membership is open to all residents, except in the case of item C5. And their households who live in Berecroft, who are over the age of 18yrs and who are interested in the work of the Berecroft Community Association. All members will have an equal vote.

B2. The rate of any membership fee will be decided by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

B3. The Secretary of the Berecroft Community Association shall hold a list of all current members, which will be available for inspection by any member or any representative of the landlord at any time, with the committee approval. Any resident wishing to become a member should contact a committee member.

B4. All members will be aware of the Berecroft Community Association commitment to allow everyone an equal opportunity to voice their opinion and they must actively seek to represent the different needs of the estate as a whole. With no distinction between Home Owners or Tenants. A copy of the Berecroft Community Association constitution will be given to every member upon joining the Berecroft Community Association.

B5. All members cease to be a member when (a) they move out of the area, (b) they die, or (c) due to resignation. If there is a case of gross misconduct, the committee will vote and the majority decision will be upheld.

C. The Committee

C1. The Berecroft Community Association will be managed by a committee to be elected at the AGM.

C2. The committee will consist of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer (officers) together with no more than 5 other members representative of the whole estate.

C3. AGM Nominations will elect committee members annually. The new committee members will elect officers on an annual basis.

C4. The committee will aim for monthly meetings with no less than 6 per year, the twelfth month being the AGM. The times and places of the meetings will be agreed by the committee. All members of the Berecroft Community Association should be encouraged to attend meetings.

C5. The Secretary will ensure that the minutes of all committee meetings will be available for all members of the Berecroft Community Association after they have been agreed and signed by the committee at the following meeting.

C6. Officers and committee members of the Berecroft Community Association will carry out all duties given to them at committee meetings.

C7. If any officers or committee fail to attend 4 successive committee meetings without adequate reason they will cease to be a committee member and their resignation will be requested.

C8. The committee will be able to co-opt members onto their committee in order to fill any vacancies arising throughout the year and to ensure equal opportunities for all Residents of the community. A co-opted member cannot hold an officers position or have any voting rights.

D. Decisions At Meetings

D1. QUORUM: A quorum will consist of 4 people of which at least two must be officers. No decisions shall be made at a meeting of the Berecroft Community Association if a quorum is not present. If there is not a quorum at the Annual General Meeting then the chairperson will rearrange a new meeting.

D2. Each committee member shall have ONE vote at all meetings on any resolution. All voting that takes place will be recorded in the Minutes. All decisions taken by members will be taken by simple majority. In the case of a tied vote the Chairperson will have a casting vote.

D3. Minutes shall be taken at all meetings. They shall be kept by the secretary and circulated to all members of the committee before the next committee meeting.

E. Annual General Meeting

E1. An AGM will be held on an annual basis.

E2. At the AGM the committee will;

  1. Report on its work during the past year

  2. Present a report or audited Statement of Accounts.

  3. Elect auditors for the following years accounts.

  4. Consider any resolutions or proposals put forward by members

  5.  Vote on any amendments to the Constitution.

E3. All members will be given written notice of the date, time and venue of the AGM at least 21 days in advance of the meeting.

E4. The following will be available at the AGM;

  1.  A copy of the Agenda

  2.  The minutes of the last AGM

  3.  Any proposals for a change in the constitution

  4.  A copy of the Berecroft Community Association accounts.

  5.  The above are also available throughout the year for inspection by prior arrangement with an officer

E5. Any member of the Berecroft Community Association should submit agenda items to the secretary prior to the meeting.

E6. In addition to the Annual General Meeting, other meetings of members may be convened at any time by the Committee or at the request, /made in writing, of at least ten members. At least 14 days notice of all General meetings of members shall be given in writing and such notices shall specify the business to be transacted thereat. At all General meetings ten members shall form a quorum.

F. Finance

F1. All money raised by the Berecroft Community Association or on its behalf will be used only to further the aims of the Berecroft Community Association and for no other purpose.

F2. The Treasurer shall keep proper receipt and payment accounts of the finances of the Berecroft Community Association and shall open a bank or building society account in the name of the Berecroft Community Association

F3. The Treasurer will provide a brief report to each committee meeting on the state of the financial accounts (payments made or received since the last meeting).

F4. The account shall have at least 3 members nominated by the committee, one of whom will be the Treasurer, as signatories. No signatories shall be related or live at the same address.

F5. All cheques and instructions to the Berecroft Community Association bankers shall be signed by at least TWO of the three agreed signatories.

F6. The accounts shall be audited by a non-member of the Berecroft Community association, such as a qualified auditor or a representative of a community organisation, or a local Council for Voluntary Service.

F7. The accounts of the Berecroft Community Association shall be made available for inspection by any member of the Berecroft Community Association or any organisation that funds the Berecroft Community Association that requires to see them, within 14 days. The request for inspection must be made to the Treasurer in writing.

F8. The Treasurer is authorised to pay from Petty Cash travel and other expenses to representatives of the Berecroft Community Association undertaking work on behalf of the Berecroft Community Association provided that each payment is supported by a receipt, ticket or voucher. Each payment of Petty Cash will be recorded and signed by the person receiving the payment and the Treasurer. A list of Petty Cash payments will be provided at each Committee meeting.

G. Changes And Dissolution Of The Constitution

G1. The Constitution can only be altered at an Annual General Meeting.

G2. Changes can only be effective if agreed by voting members.

G3. If the Committee decide at any time to dissolve the Berecroft Community Association ALL members must be balloted and a majority vote shown before dissolution takes place. The Secretary will then notify Members of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

G4.The decision shall be confirmed by those present at the Extraordinary Meeting. The meeting will have the power to dispose of any papers, possessions and funds as set out below;

  1. Papers will be placed with a person or organisation for safe keeping.

  2.  Funds raised by the Berecroft Community Association shall be handed to Berecroft Community Housing Ltd for safekeeping until another residents’ association forms on the estate.

  3. Possessions bought with Berecroft Community Association funds or by Berecroft Community Housing Ltd will be placed with Berecroft Community Housing Ltd for safekeeping.

This Constitution was accepted by residents at an open meeting attended by the residents of the Berecroft Estate,

On the …… day of ……….. 199… and is signed

Chairperson……………………… Secretary…………………………

……………………..(Print) ………………………..(Print)

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