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Meeting 6th November 2011

Meeting : 10:40am 6th November 2011

Present :
Ron (RW), M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AB), L Wragg (LW), Z Cheema( ZC),

New possible members: Karina Perry (KP), Andrew Birkitt (ABT)

Apologies : NONE

Agree last Minutes : (Signed ZC & MB)

1) Minutes Arising, dealt with below

2) Secretaries Report, Council Forum Tuesday 8th 7:30pm at Longwood, Nap on Wednesday 9th at 7:00pm at 40 Barley Croft, £200 from Anglia for Funday (2010) & Halloween, Possible £250 grant from Anglia as they have accepted our constitution. KCF verbally confirmed we should now be covered under Anglia’s Insurance. I have received my CRB disclosure at last.

3) Treasurers Report Received £200 from Anglia (via ZC) monies paid in Thursday 3rd Nov. Received £60 from the 60’s club.
Balances, in Bank RA £608.34, Fishing £474.60p, Over 60’s £343.90. Total in bank £1426.84 + Petty cash of £192.14, (total for BRA £800.48)

AB paid £1.80 for “thank you” cards. LW has receipts for Halloween to be paid

4) Youth Shelter & Hard Standing up-date,YS has been assembled 22nd Oct JS, MB, LW,CZ and then damaged a week later but still usable , holes to go in this week 7Oct. Lighting Spec has been drawn up and passed to KCF, JS and to Ian Smith of Kier, meeting to discuss works will hopefully be arranged for a fortnights time (21st Nov)

5) Fishing was successful and now finished thanks now Nigel Day and his helpers. At Football no PSCO attended this week. Lois, Conner & Stuart helped with event but need to show more professional with the children. ABT can help us with tuition, to help the juniors and infants.

6) Our accounts need auditing we need someone independent to look at them for us., Insurance conformed by KCF just awaiting written confirmation. AGM for January 10th 7:30pm

7) Halloween Update, Thanks all the helpers LW & KP MB,AB,ZC, especially the food makers. It went well, great turn out, food all went,
Xmas plans: Letters for the kids. Grotto, donation box, food, letters to be sent out by the 1
st Dec and back by the 12th Dec, set up and run on 23rd, pictures with Santa £1.50, need a Santa. Raffle for cake

8) Plans for 2012 events, Fun Day if possible, Easter Eggs with Raffle, Halloween, Xmas Football, Basketball, Film Night, Raffle.

9)  Bins, we need to get the survey forms in

10) No New Chair volunteers. We welcome two new members, Karina & Andrew

11) Letter of thanks to Sue, who resigned, Thank you card send

12) NHW

13) Printer ink, paper (admin Budget) £20 for ink


Date Of next Meeting :5th Dec 6:30 (quick meeting for xmas event)

closed 12:25

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