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1. Each meeting will be given a set time limit. Agenda items may be carried forward to the next meeting.

2. Any Other Business will be taken at the end of each meeting.

3. Only one person will speak at a time and only in connection with the subject being discussed.

4. If a member fails to attend 4 Committee meetings in succession and has failed to give apologies they will no longer be considered to be a Committee member and the Chairperson will write to them to confirm the position.



5. All members will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings and in the premises used by Berecroft Community Association.

6. No members of the Berecroft Community Association will discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, race, nationality sexuality, political or religious beliefs, marital status, disability or illness. In addition there will be no swearing or the use of abusive language allowed in the meetings.

7. If any member does not abide by these rules the Committee will vote to suspend that member until further notice.

8. The matter will be put onto the Agenda of the next meeting where the Committee will resolve the situation. The member will be advised of the decision by letter.

9. The member will have the right to appeal. The decision of the appeal committee shall be final.

10. If a person fails to leave the meeting having been suspended they will no longer be able to serve on the Committee.

Dated this …day of …199… and signed on behalf of Berecroft Community

Association by;

Chairperson……………………. (Capitals)…………………………

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