Hard standing damaged

Vandals have badly damaged the hard standing at the back of Berecroft.

The vandals stole a refuse bin and set it alight and have badly damaged the tarmac. This is need of repair as it is now dangerous.

If you have any information please contact us using the menu on the left or HERE or

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Christmas refuse collection dates

Collection dates fro this Christmas 2016 and the new year 2017


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Job Club

Every Wednesday at 65 Berecroft from 10am Apply for jobs online, write a CV and get free advice


NAP meeting 30th January 2014


Berecroft RA MB Berecroft RA AB Moorfield RA MC PCSO Essex Police ND (Nigel Day)


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NAP Meeting 17th Dec 2013


No updates from Essex Police on priorities due to none being set.

KR explained that in the New Year PC Mayle will explain to the NAP members a new format to the NAP meetings.


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Greening Berecroft

If you want to save money on your energy bills, come along to a community event at 65 Berecroft on the 11th December between 11am till 1pm. This event is free and open to all residents on the Berecroft estate

Greening berecroft is a community lead project to help save money on energy bills.


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Ghouls Night

Because some members of the RA were unavailable for the Halloween night it was decided to move it to the 17th October when everyone was available.

We were a bit worried about turn out as the Halloween nights are really chock a block with youngsters, but need not have worried as there were more then

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Arty Crafty Club Starts

KiDs ArTy CrAfTy cLub If you enjoy drawing, crafts or making jewellery, then this is for you. We have the bits we just need you to make something with them

Come along to 65 Berecroft and join in with the fun. Parents need to come along with their children to help them and us out.

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