Berecroft news March 2011 (iss 6)

A message from your neighbourhood officer

New Grounds Maintenance ContractorSouth Anglia was formed in 2005 from 5 separate housing
Associations within the former Anglia Housing
Each Association had developed different way of providing estate services through over 20
companies. Specifications and costs varied from estate to estate, arrangements informal and value for
money uncertain. In 2009 it was decided that new contracts should be tendered for all estates across
South Anglia for grounds maintenance and cleaning. Residents were asked for their views on what work
should be done. The tenders were evaluated on the basis of cost and quality. The highest scoring
contractor for the Essex area was Pinnacle PSG.
Pinnacle started work on Berecroft in February, and are enthusiastic about working with residents to
ensure a high quality and responsive service is provided. I am very keen to set up a small group of
residents to work with me and Pinnacle to provide a grounds maintenance service that is the best we can
get. If you are interested, please contact me at the Berecroft Office at No 65 Berecroft on any
Wednesday and I will explain more. Alternatively, give me a ring on 07825 733367. This would only take
up a little of your time!Estate Inspections


Can I also remind residents that I carry out a monthly inspection on Berecroft. This usually takes about
an hour and is very useful in identifying repair and other potential problems. I really would value your
support and help on these estate inspections.

The next inspections are scheduled for:20th April, 25th May and 22nd June
Meet up at 65 Berecroft at 2.00pmDrop In session


Just a reminder- I am available to talk to you, no need for an appointment,
every Wednesday between9.00 – 1.00pmMaureen Lodge
Neighbourhood Officer
at the Community Office, 65 Berecroft.. Look forward to seeing you! 




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