What do we mean by a Partnership?

Quite simply: – getting more involved in the management of your home by having a meaningful say in the decisions made by your residents group. This can cover a whole range of things: –

  •  Having a say about the services provided on your estate (e.g. cyclical repairs, responsive repairs.)

  •  Having a say about Berecroft Community Housing Ltd policy and procedure (e.g. lettings policy, management services).

  • Organise social activities for residents on the estate (e.g. mother and toddler groups).

  •  Negotiate with the local council (e.g. allocations policy).

  •  Liaise with the local police (neighbourhood watch, speed ramps).

  • As well as to work with Berecroft Community Housing Ltd in Partnership.

What does this Partnership mean?

Working in partnership with Berecroft Community Housing Ltd is the way forward but what you must remember is that this is YOUR group. YOUR support is what will make it work.

You need to form a constitution and elect committee members!

Working firstly as a steering group you will need to arrange for an election of committee members to carry out the work of your group and to draft a constitution that sets out the rules by which your group will run and then it can be adopted by Berecroft Community Association residents at a future meeting.

The officers needed for a committee are:

  • The chairperson who will chair meetings fairly, ensure that the agenda items are discussed, and decisions made and give every one a chance for their opinion to be heard.

  •  The secretary who will take minutes of each meeting, publicise the meeting write and receive letters for the group and keep a record of membership.

  •  The Treasurer who has responsibility of your group’s finances. This will involve the setting up of a bank account and keeping an accurate record of the money going in and out.

Forming a constitution.

A constitution is a way of creating a democratic residents group. A constitution includes a number of things;

  • The aims and objectives of your group

  •  Who you represent

  • How your group is run

  • Sets out regulations so that your group is run democratically and does not discriminate against those wishing to join in. Berecroft Community Housing Ltd has a model constitution document to help guide you. This is a very important stage in the formation of your group. Your Community Development or Housing Officer will help you through this model constitution in order that your association can best become the organisation that YOU want it to be.

You will be able to refer to the constitution in order to ensure that meetings are being called and that they are run correctly. Each new member of the group should be allowed to run through the constitution with committee members allowing them to understand how your Group operates and what your aims are. You must ensure when drawing up a constitution that it meets the specifications and requirements for YOUR area.

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