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Minutes October 2009

Berecroft Residents Association meeting

8th November 2009 at 65 Berecroft


Cheema, Lee, Sarah, Roy, Mavis, Liane, Louise, Alan

Meeting opened at 6.00pm

No Aplogies

Cheema welcomed new members

1) Main issue for the calling of this meeting was due to a meeting held with South Anglia whereby SA asked for BRA to look at our constitution and adopt theirs.

a ) BRA felt that SA’s Constitution was not as good as BRA’s and left many questions to be answered and this was unanimously rejected by BRA.

Reasons for rejecting this were as follows.

1.6 and 2.1 contradicts each other

2.4 and 2.5 says all residents but then says under 18 are non voting

3.3 disagree with as this does not affect the running of an RA unless cheques were to be signed.

No wording on accounts

No mention on attendance of meetings

Felt this was more of a takeover bid by south Anglia

b) BRA were surprised that this had been developed on 8th December 2006 and only now has this reached BRA

c) BRA how ever thought it was right to update their long standing constitution

Items to be changed were considered as follows

Remove A5

Remove B2

Remove all wording that states “Berecroft Community Housing”

Keep code of conduct as it was felt this was working well.

3) A separate insurance for BRA will be looked into over the next month

4) At the request of the Chairman PSCO Day attended part of the meeting to explain that working with BRA they had obtained funding for the reinstallation of the lights at the hard standing at the back of Berecroft, This would give BRA another area to use for all activities and also Essex Police the tools to move children to.

5) BRA also recognised that an AGM was needed the date for this was set to 4th December 6.00pm at 65 Berecroft and Lee would create letter to be sent out to all residents.

6) Accounts were as follows £1670.36 plus 40.22 cash.
This does not include money held by the gateway for the hard standing (see 4 above)

7) Cheema stated that Billy and Tracy Worsley had now left Berecroft and were no longer members of the RA.

Cheema thanked them for all their hard work and a thank you letter would be sent to the family in due course.

8) Louise sent her apologies for the meeting on the 11th with South Anglia due to work.


Meeting closed at 7.34pm

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