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Minutes Funday 16th June 2010


Name Address Steering Committee 16th June 2010
Mr and Mrs Bateman 291 Berecroft Yes  Present
PCSO Hargreaves Essex Police Yes
M Donovan X 2 315 Berecroft Yes  P (back 3rd July 2010)
J Fitzgerald 1 Berecroft Yes  P
K Fitzgerald 273 Berecroft No
G Birch 67 Berecroft Yes P
Cheema 271 Berecroft Yes  P Chair
V Deal 85 Berecroft Yes P
L Gumble 52 Berecroft Yes
Lesley ? 202 Berecroft Yes
Laura Chambers 58 Berecroft Yes
Jake ? 119 Berecroft No
Jay Gumble 236 Berecroft No
Mitchelle ? 273 Berecroft No
Alex and Mupomba 64 Berecroft No
Jack ? 56 Berecroft No
Tina 170 Berecroft No
3 other children 273 Berecroft No

Additional attendees,

Paula Fish 155 Berecroft
Sue Braham (Salvation Army) 98 Lower meadow, has offered help were she can


Items discussed for the Fun day

Power backup in the form of a small 800watt generator can be supplied by 67

Bouncy Castle can be supplied by 67,  Insurance and item needs to be checked for safety

Celeb to be provided by Terry TBC  ZC

Hog Roast to be supplied by Terry TBC ZC

1 person Stocks TBC 67

2 person Drinks, tea, soft, coffee

3 people are required to dispense food on the day 98 Sue will ask a friend who has a Food certificate.
2 People Football goal Jackie at 1 Berecroft to ask a relative footballer

1 person Splat the rat

2 Persons Weigh the cake, Guess sweets in the jar, Name the Teddy, Cake stall 291

Face painting – Sue 98 TBC

Ice Cream, to consult Terry on any recommendations  ZC

White Elephant / Raffle 315

Small flyer for the request for white elephant items 315

Promotion Flyers 315

Flyers to be delivered by John (hopefully)


Louise and Kimberly to make signage for the day and check the garage for additional stalls for the day

Various members to make cakes for the cake stall

Football  bettwen fire, Police, Hospita, service  more investigation required ZC

Date of next meeting 22nd June 6:30

meeting closed 7:15pm

Regards  Z. Cheema  M.M.Inst.V.

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