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Minutes 8th Nov 2010

Minutes Draft 8th Nov 2010, 6.30pm

.Councilor John Strachan S, ZC, AB, MB, LW, RW, SH, GB, GP.

Apologies: None.

Last Minutes Agreed (need to be signed)

No matters arising.


  • 1) E-Mail Karen Rowney from Anglia, requested some words for the Halloween right for their newsletter.   Letter from Peter Gould of Harlow Council checking our details are correct on their records, The details regarding chair was updated 65 was left as the postal address.

  • 2) Liane K gave me the door number (175) of the best dressed house on Halloween night, Andrew Start has chased up Kier for the voucher. E-Mail from JS about hard standing. E-mailed Lee & Sarah Dangerfield an official letter for the BRA accounts and other items they may still have in their possession.

  • 3) MB gave £38.05p to LW for the Halloween items (food & decorations). The bank statement shows £1521.50 in the account.  There is £315.00 allocated to 60’s club (approx tbc).  Petty Cash in hand £227.00

  • 4) Constitution amendments made see constitution paperwork. 

  • 5) It was decided to have the Christmas walk on the 19th Dec between 4pm till 6pm. The flyer to be designed by LW and to get the flyer out by the 19th Nov. Requests from parents to be back by the 9th Dec. Letters to be sent out the following week by normal post.  LW Pick up 2 tins of sweets, we decided to allocate £10 for this.  The hire of a Santa suit up to the value of £50 was agreed, it was suggested to get some quotes AB to check at Fancy Dress shop in the Harvey centre.

  • 6) JS gave the good news that Council will continue / take on the payment for the powering lights on the hard standing, he has also organised the grass cutting on the back field where the football pitch is located and to get the lining for the pitch done as well.  DW lighting may be able to donate some cabling.  Detached youth workers are working on the estate, between now and the middle of February, working with the outreach group ages 14yrs – 19yrs

  • 7) LW suggesting using 65 for kids parties to help raise funds. Items such as, Insurance, H&S tidying up were raised & discussed. ZC to speak to KC as to what option. Some additional suggestions were made for the Fun day, such as.. hot dogs, chips, car boot at same time, get a 3rd party in for food, wrestling.  Easter eggs walk about, Halloween,  Try and involve older children.  Football, Games tournament in events

  • 8) Garages have been tidied as well as the Office.  LW to check tidy arts & craft items.
  • 9) AOB  over 60’s club Christmas party is set for the 14th Dec. 
    RW said the shelving in the garages is estimated at £52, ZC suggesting to ask Kier to see if they could donate some wood.

  • Date of next meeting 13th Dec 2010

    Meeting closed 8:40pm

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