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Minutes 24 January 2011

Date :  24 January 2011

Present : Graham Birch (GB), Sue Harding (SH), Nigel Day (ND), Ron Wilmhurst(WH), Mike Bateman(MB) Annette Bateman(AB), Gary Pettigrew(GP) Louise Wragg(LW), Zulqar Cheema(ZC)

 Apologies : John Strachan (JS)

 1)  The last previous meetings minutes were agreed

 2)  No minutes were arising form the previous meeting

 3)  Secretaries report, A letter from the council was presented by ZC, refereeing to the Local Development Framework. (LW arrived part way through this section)

 4)  Treasurers Report (MB), Cash in hand £392.78, Bank balance £1521.50. It was decided to add GB & MB as signatories to the cheque book. GB & MB to organise, ZC is already a signatories.

 5)   Web Site renewal, This is to be paid urgently by ZC with reimbursement when the signatories are in order

 6)   Football Update, ND reported it was going well with the average turnout being 12 children

 7)  Basketball Update GB, this is going very well as well and the average turn out at present is 18. This is run at a local school and is in its second week. Transport is supplied by Anglia.

 8)  Liability Insurance (GB) This is something the we felt we needed for some of the events we run during the year, MB to investigate prices and options.  Nothing to be done until after item.  ZC pointed out that in the past Anglia used to provide this as a matter of course.

 9)  CRB checks, ZC, GB & RW had being approached by the housing officer (Maureen) that someone from Anglia would be contacted us to arrange the checks. GB & ZC to chase Maureen. It was Noted that LW & ZC have CRB checks to due to their school involvement.


  • ZC reported that JS had contacted him before the meeting to say that he had been in contact with Caroline K to arrange a meeting with the council (Joe McGill or Andy littler) and would invite us to the meeting to help sort out the impasse regarding the hard standing (HS) power and lights. ND felt  we needed to look further afield for help if the is no resolution regarding the HS. It was noted that for the football and Basketball to keep momentum the HS was needed to encourage the children to play in the evenings during the winter periods and also be available when the shelter is installed.
  • ZC wanted it put on the record that the BRA had not signed any contract with the council to take over the running of the HS, it is still public property and the council still clean it if anything is reported, this for some reason seems to be the sticking point regarding insurance by Anglia..

    ND said the painting on the canvasses was going well, Anglia was not happy with the first one as they felt it gave a negative view, our view was that the event happened and it was no point hiding it an the it was a big thing in the kids minds and part of our history now.  A second canvas will be painted and the kids will be encouraged to paint the positive things about Berecroft, Football, HS, Easter bunny, Halloween, Santa, basketball and Funday

  • Christmas walkabout and Letters feedback, this was felt to be a huge success by us and the local residents (who we meet as during our walk), the letter from Santa and the walkabout had a good turn out, though there was some last minute requests for letters but were to late.
  • ZC suggesting that perhaps RW could look at making a trolley
    a) to help in moving equipment from the garages to the back field (football Funday) and
    b) some attachments to make it look like a sleigh for the Christmas walkabout.

    It was decided to have a grotto in 65 this year

    AOB : GB thank everyone for their continuing help and support on the events, be it delivering letters, paperwork, or turning up for events.
    ZC suggested we need to look at the passwords, security, access, and the information posted on the website as ZC is the only person who posts on the website and has all the passwords. A procedure of some sort needs to be worked out.

    Date of next Meeting: 21st February 2011 at 6:30pm

    Minutes taken by ZC 

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