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Minutes 19th April 2011

Meeting :  6.30pm, 19 April 2011

Present : Ron (RW), M Bateman (MB) A Bateman(AM), L Wragg (LW), G Birch (GB) Z Cheema( ZC), Councilor J Strachan (JS),  Gary Pettigrew (GP)

Apologies : S Harding (SH),

Agree last Minutes : (SIGNED)

1) Minutes Arising

2) Secretaries Report, Parliament trip updated to get dates, egg details updated, Application for web access for bank account. RA Fed meeting 7th April. Desk due this Thursday,

3) Treasurers Report , Paid out £700 in chq to Z Cheema, who handed it back., Fishing eg £75.88 Bank Balance £1521.50 , RA £645.93p,  Fishing Acc £959.60, Over 60’s £241.56., GB has £440 timberland’s bill for fishing, Maggots X 2 pints, Location(swims) for 12 outings Licenses £5 per child x 2, . Swims at half price, weights required. . JS suggested a lottery syndicate (State lottery) MB handed out a insurance quote of £102.22, to verify Personal Accident to be clarified, Show of hands 7 agreed to go for the cover with the clarification.

4) Shelter needs measuring, to get hole locations & dimensions  LW to help JS.  Money for bin has been agreed , jut need to find a metal bin with metal insert.  Power to lights still not installed. Have passed our concerns to Karen and also reminded them that sockets need fitted.

 GP left at 7:40pm

 5) Football Update, Fishing & other activities.  Football to continue, all children paperwork

ND e-mail
I have allocated PCSO shifts as per DMS where possible to avoid shift changes.

We will have to cover the period whilst Amy and Jason are unavailable.
The proposal is to continue the football but on the basis of:
warm up * skills rehearsal (simple heading, passing, dribbling skills)
* five a side (depending on numbers) with minimal/controlled contact due to age range

We will continue to rely on: Berecroft Residents Association to lead on the project provide supervising adults publicise the event ensure permission slips are completed,  South Anglia Housing to support the project ensure risk assessments
ensure public liability insurance is in place provide refreshments ( which have been excellent – thank you Karen)

PCSO supervising football project on the following dates:

Saturday 23rd April – Karen
Saturday 30th April – Nigel
Saturday 7th May – Karen
Saturday 14th May – Karen
Saturday 21st May – Karen
Saturday 28th May – Anita
Saturday 4th June – Nigel
Saturday 11th June – Nigel
Saturday 18th June – Anita
Saturday 25th June – Anita
Saturday 2nd July – Anita
Saturday 9th July – Nigel
Saturday 16th July – Karen
Saturday 23 July – Karen

We will look at continuing the project through the summer holidays nearer the time.

GB has said that one of the youngster parent who attends the fishing, who like to donate some funds, which is very encouraging.

6) Easter Egg run..This Thursday 4pm till 6pm, we have 56 eggs donated. We will hopefully will have a Easter related costume from ML the housing officer..  To meet at 3:45pm at 65

 7) Liability Insurance see treasurers report.

 AOB :  car park and raising the litter pickers.

People unhappy with the litter pickers, ZC to speak to ML to find out details.

Parking LW to speak to Andrew Start. About temp lines by the compound.

 Date of next meeting 16th May at 6:00pm

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